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Mister Craft MiG-29A Fulcrum


MiG-29A Fulcrum

By: Mister Craft

Scale: 1/72

Item no: D-20 Price: £9.99



Mikoyan’s Fulcrum has been in service with the Soviet and Russian Air Forces since the late 1970s, and its introduction was marked by a flurry of kits from model manufacturers, many of which were inaccurate. Whatever the origins of Mister Craft’s tooling, this appears to be one of those offerings; it claims to be a MiG-29A pre-production variant, but this is contradicted by the many schemes, all of which are at least MiG-29 Fulcrum-As, and the upper fuselage (which resembles a Fulcrum-C).

Although released in 2016, expectations should be curtailed, as this is by no means a modern product, with heavy raised panel lines and spurious exterior detail. Similarly, the cockpit is basic, with a bench-type bracket to mount the seat and an indistinctly shaped pilot figure. However, being aimed squarely at beginner modellers, and with a full complement of air-to-air missiles, much fun will be had.

The choice of schemes is superb, and while the decals suffer from poor register, colour density is good, with the yellow notable for its intensity. Nine machines are supplied (note there are mistakes on the aircraft and unit identification on the instructions):

Red 114, 1st Regiment, Polish Air Force, Minsk Mazowieki, 1997

Red 668, JG 3 GDR, Preschen, East Germany, 1988/89

Black 0820, 1st Fighter Regiment, Slovak Air Force, Sliac, 1994

Black 8304, 1st Flight, 1st Fighter Regiment, Czech Republic Air Force, Zatec, 1997

Red 25, 1st Flight, Special Training Regiment, Soviet Air Force, Turkmenia, 1990

White 37, 1st Flight, 145th Fighter Reghiment, Ukrainian Air Force, Gostomyel, 1996

White 24, Bulgarian Air Force, Ignatijevo, 1996

Red 49, Romanian Air Force, Bucharest, 1996

Red 05, 1st Flight, 1st Fighter Regiment, Hungarian Air Force, Kecskemet, 1996

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