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New Colours from Mission Models



Further to the initial announcement in March 2017’s AMW, Mission Models has released a second batch of acrylics to its rapidly expanding range:

Varnishes and Additives:

  • MMA-001 Polyurethane Mix Additive
  • MMA-003 Thinner/Reducer
  • MMA-004 Flat Clear Coat
  • MMA-005 Semi-Gloss Clear Coat
  • MMA-006 Gloss Clear Coat


  • MMM-001 Metallic Burnt Iron 1
  • MMM-002 Cold Rolled Steel
  • MMM-003 Faded Aluminium
  • MMM-004 Copper

Regular colours:

  • MMP-005 Orange
  • MMP-006 Light Neutral Tan
  • MMP-008 RAL 7008 Graugrun Khakibrun
  • MMP-009 RAL 6003 Olivgrun
  • MMP-012 RAL 8017 Rotbraun
  • MMP-014 RAL 7021 Panzergrey
  • MMP-015 RAL 8012 Rotbraun
  • MMP-017 RAL 8000 Grunbraun
  • MMP-018 RAL 6011 Resedagrun
  • MMP-020 US Army Olive Drab Faded 1 FS 34088
  • MMP-021 US Army Olive Drab Faded 2
  • MMP-022 US Army Olive Drab Faded 3
  • MMP-023 US Army Khaki Drab FS 34088
  • MMP-024 US Army Olive Drab FS 319**
  • MMP-025 US Army Olive Drab FS 34088
  • MMP-026 US Army Olive Drab FS 33070
  • MMP-027 Russian 6k (#FS 30117)
  • MMP-028 Russian Dark Olive (~FS 34102)
  • MMP-029 Russian Dark Olive 2 (~FS 34096)
  • MMP-030 Russian Dark Olive Faded 1 (~FS 34096)
  • MMP-031 Russian Dark Green 4BO (~FS 34079)
  • MMP-033 NATO Brown
  • MMP-036 IDF Sandgrey Version 2
  • MMP-038 US Desert Tan Modern 2 FS 33446
  • MMP-039 British Sand Yellow Modern AFV
  • MMP-040 Tire Black 1
  • MMP-041 Hiway Yellow 1930/1990 Heavy Equipment
  • MMP-042 British Light Silver Grey (RAL 7001)
  • MMP-043 British Portland Stone (RAL 64)
  • MMP-045 British Slate Grey (RAL 7016)
  • MMP-046 RLM 80 Field Grey
  • MMP-048 Blue
  • MMP-095 US Camoflage Grey FS 36622
  • MMP-116 Light Grey FS 36495
  • MMP-117 High Low Vis Light Grey (595) FS 36373
  • MMP-118 Medium Grey FS 36270

There are also new weathering products:

  • MMW-001 Dark Rust 1
  • MMW-002 Light Rust 1
  • MMW-003 Transparent Light Rust
  • MMW-004 Transparent Medium
  • MMW-005 Standard Rust
  • MMW-006 Transparent Dust 1

More paints, washes and primers are expected in the coming months. Further details on these and other Mission Models releases are at and

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