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Eduard R0016 Royal Class Fw 190A Early Versions


Ever the innovator with mixed-media and limited-run products, Eduard has relied on its aplomb to offer a stunning Royal Class 1/48 Fw 190 package. Item R0016 provides styrene runners for two complete Fw 190s, and the alternative parts allow the portrayal of A-2, A-3, A-4 and A-4/Trop sub-types.

Photo-etched metal details (mostly pre-coloured), comprise instrument panel, rudder pedal and seatbelt features, there are tape masks for the glazing and wheels, and besides stencils, the main decal sheet caters for a generous 14 schemes, with Western and Eastern Fronts, and Mediterranean Theatre all represented. Resin parts are also included, and these comprise two styles of mainwheel, along with the special filtered air intakes of the Tropical version. Centerline bombs and fuel tanks also feature, but the limited-edition goodies are arguably the real draw, and these come in the form of a beautiful decorated beer glass and a truly in-your-face fine art print…the latter shows an Fw 190A-4 of 11./SKG 10, overflying Bona Harbour, Algeria in January 1943.

The colour schemes are:

Fw 190A-2, WNr 120282, Yellow 2 + I, Fw Karl Nowak, 9./JG 2, Théville, France, May 1942

Fw 190A-2, WNr 120206, Black ˂ + I, Fw Walter Grünlinger, Stab.III/JG 26, Wevelgem, Belgium, September 1942

Fw 190A-2, WNr 120325, Yellow 13 ”Schnauze/Old Shap’, Ofw Josef Heinzeller, 3./JG2, Trickqueville, France, June 1942

Fw 190A-3, WNr 132259, White 6, Uffz Gunther Josten, 1./JG 51, Lyuban, Soviet Union, autumn 1942

Fw 190A-3, WNr 135313, White ˂ +, Oblt Armin Faber, III./JG 2, Morlaix, France, June 1942

Fw 190A-3, WNr 125425, Yellow 16 +, Fw K Kundrus, 12./JG 5, Herdla, Norway, December 1943

Fw 190A-3, WNr 130541, ˂ ― + ―, Oblt Adolf Dickfeld, II./JG 2, San Pietro, Italy, November 1942

Fw 190A-3, WNr 130541, White 12 + ○, Fw E Mayer, 9./JG 5, Herdla, March 1945

Fw 190A-4, White ˂ ― + ―, Maj Hubertus von Bonin, JG 54, Pskov, Soviet Union, spring 1943

Fw 190A-4, WNr 140581, ˂ I +, Lt Eberhard Burath, Stab I./JG 1, Deelen, Netherlands, April 1943

Fw 190A-4, Double chevron +, Hptm Hans ‘Fips’ Philipp, I./JG 54, Krasnogvardeysk, Soviet Union, January 1943

Fw 190A-4, WNr 140634, Maj Hermann Graf, JGr.Ost, Toulouse-Blagnac, France, April 1943

Fw 190A-4/Trop, WNr 145614, White 1 +, EKdo 19, Benghazi, Libya, November 1942

Fw 190A-4, WNr 142317, Yellow 4 +, Fw L Seif, 11./SKG 10, Sidi Ahmed, Tunisia, January 1943

Thanks to Eduard for the review sample.

For further details visit:

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