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H-Model Walrus Extravaganza


Welcome to the first of what is planned to be a series of more regular online product reviews by Airfix Model World, additional to those in AMW itself.

H-Model’s ( superb initial decal sets for 1/72 and 1/48 Walrus (HMD72086/48067) are featured in June 2018’s News, but as there are so many sheets available (from, the extra products are described here:


Supermarine Walrus Stencils
Item no: HMD72085/48066 Price: £7.99/£13.80

There are sufficient stencils supplied for one RAF, FAA or RAAF machine, with the different styles of Wireless Telegraphy (W/T) markings for each (found on the wings, horizontal and vertical stabilisers to represent electrically bonded surfaces). Helpfully, walkways for the lower wings are supplied, as well as ‘no step’ symbols for both mainplanes. Note a stencil set will be needed for each of the basic marking products, unless kit items are available.

Part 2: Walrus in FAA Service
Item no: HMD 72087/HMD48068 Price: £7.99/£13.80

Three schemes are supplied on the two decal sheets, all for overall doped aluminium Mk.I machines with Type-A roundels:

K5774/Z1, 720 NAS, HMS Achilles, 1937-38

L2185/35, 712 NAS, HMS Sheffield, late 1937

K8556/34, 712 NAS, HMS Southampton, 1938

Part 3: Air Sea Rescue Walrus

Item no: HMD72088/48069 Price: £7.99/£13.80

This next collection offers three Royal Navy search-and-rescue (SAR) Mk.Is, all in late-war Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey/Dark Sea Grey/Slate Grey camouflage and Sky Type S undersurfaces, with Type B and C1 roundels:

W3040/AA5R, 751 NAS, SAR Dundee, Scotland, 1943

W2740/AA5Q, 751 NAS, SAR Dundee, Scotland, 1943

W2781/AA4T, 751 NAS, SAR Dundee, Scotland, 1943

Part 4: Walrus in FAA Service

Item no: HMD72089/48070 Price: £7.99/£13.80

Early war Royal Navy airframes feature in this trio, mixing overall doped-aluminium with camouflaged airframes; it offers better value than other sets, as there is a mix of Type A, B and C1 roundels, along with their respective fin flashes:

W2771/9F/F, 710 NAS, HMS Albatros, early 1940

W3026/L5-N, 711 NAS, spring 1941

L2253/J9G, 714 NAS, HMS Manchester, 1939

Part 5: Walrus in RAF Service
Item no: HMD72090/48071 Price: £7.99/£13.80

There’s a change in service for this three-ship grouping of RAF Air-Sea Rescue Walrus Mk.Is; it supplies a choice of early counter-shaded camouflage airframes with a later extra dark sea grey/dark slate grey-clad machine, all wearing Type B and C1 roundels. Notably, each one features differently coloured squadron codes, with Dull Red, Medium Sea Grey and yellow numerals:

HD908/BA-D, 277 Sqn, RAF Air Sea Rescue (ASR), 1944

P5658/AQ-M, 276 Sqn, RAF ASR, 1944

W2757/O-ZE, 293 Sqn, Italy, 1944

Part 6: Walrus in FAA Service
Item no: HMD72091/48072 Price: £7.99/£13.80

Attention returns to the Royal Navy for this next trio, with counter-shaded and standard camouflaged Walrus Mk.Is, and an overall doped aluminium machine with disruptive pattern on the upper surfaces. There’s a good mix of roundels provided, enabling multiple subjects to be built, with Type A, B and C1 offerings (and corresponding fin flashes):

W2288/9A, 700 NAS, HMS Warspite, 1939

L2236/9U, 712 NAS, HMS Albatros, 1939-40

X9559/H, 700 NAS, Leading Aircraftsman Ward, 2nd Lt Leyland and Lt Hunt (all RNAS Twatt/HMS Tern), HMS Howe, December 1942

Part 7: Walrus in FAA Service
Item no: HMD72134/48125 Price: £7.99/£13.80

Here, H-Models offers a mix of mid-war camouflaged airframes with a pre-war overall Trainer Yellow machine, which was known to have operated from both land and ships:

X9506/C, 710 NAS, HMS Mauritius, 1943

X9498/B, 284 Sqn RAF, Cassibile, Sicily, 1943

L2236/9U, 714 NAS, HMS Manchester, Cochin, India, 1938

Part 8: Walrus in FAA Service and other
Item no: HMD72135/48126 Price: £7.99/£13.80

This final FAA ensemble is more eclectic, with single examples of RAF, RN and Soviet Navy airframes, the latter supposedly being the sole airframe provided under the Lend-Lease programme:

R6547/X, 765 Sqn, RAF Detachment, Nettuno, Italy, 1944

P6567/Z, 710 NAS, HMS King George V

P-5706/3, 16th Air Transport Detachment (TRAO), White Sea Flotilla Air Force (VVS-BVF), 1943

Part 1: Walrus (Seagull V) in RAAF Service
Item no: HMD48073/72092 Price: £7.99/£13.80

Antipodean Walrus (initially known as the Seagull V in Australian service) feature for the first time, with camouflaged and overall yellow airframes (the latter being an example that operated over Antarctica). SEAC-style roundels are supplied for all three examples:

W3065/P, HMS Victorious, Okinawa, Japan, 1945

HD874, as on departure to Antarctica, now at RAAF Museum

Unknown aircraft, RAAF ASR, 1945

Part 2: Walrus (Seagull V) in RAAF Service
Item no: HMD72093/48074 Price: £7.99/£13.80

This second collection of southern hemisphere Walrus/Seagulls covers early and post-war airframes, including one New Zealand machine and two overall yellow Australian airframes. It represents superb value, as it offers four different roundel types and associated fin flashes to accompany the markings:

NZ151/A, RNZAF, Hobsonville, 1941

AS-18/18, RAAF, Sydney Harbour, 1940

HD874, Royal Australian National Antarctic Establishment, HMAS Labuan, Heard Island, 1948


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