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Eduard Accessories


Welcome to the more regular product reviews on Airfix Model World’s website, which are in addition to those in the monthly magazine editions.

The following are all from Eduard ( and range from canopy masks to bomb bay upgrade sets:


Ju 88A-4 Canopy Mask
Scale: 1/48
Item no: EX527 Price: €9.95

While designed for ICM’s Ju 88A-4, this pre-cut self-adhesive mask set is equally suitable for any of its later variants with twin B-Stand guns (A-4/Torp, A-5, A-11 and A-14) and similarly configured Revell, Hasegawa and Special Hobby boxings. While initially the instructions can be slightly bamboozling, this excellent product simplifies masking the extensive glazing greatly. As a bonus, there are main and tailwheel covers supplied too.

MiG-23BN FOD Covers
Scale: 1/48
Item no: 48875 Price: €14.95

This neat photo-etched brass package is perfect for those not wanting to spend ages sanding Trumpeter’s MIG-23BN intake halves to get a perfect seamless surface, but also ideal for modellers intending to display a parked aircraft. There are five Foreign Object Damage (FOD) covers in all, with the three main components comprising two intake blanks and an exhaust cover, with similar items for the attitude vanes, auxiliary blow-in doors and upper surface grilles. While the latter should be well within most modellers’ abilities to assemble, the main three items will demand careful work to replicate curves (the exhaust has a circumferential band that fits over the nozzle). Each benefit from separate handles, and the larger pieces will require raised detail to be created with a ball-point pen or similar item.

Do 17Z-2 Exterior and Bomb Bay
Scale: 1/48
Item no: 48896 Price: €25.95

There’s not much extra work needed on ICM’s splendid Do 17s, but the bomb racks could do with a little more finesse, and Eduard hits the spot with this update, which comprises two PE frets. Perhaps the biggest change is for the bomb racks and shackles, and while these will require painstaking bending and folding, the result is far superior to the styrene parts. As if this wasn’t enough, there’s representation of the lattice supports for the inner wing former, bomb bay door details, comprehensive refinements for the undercarriage bays (sidewalls, hydraulic pipes and various linkages) and replacement bomb fins. This is a very busy set, but will make a significant difference to ICM’s Do 17.

Ju 88A-4 Interior
Scale: 1/48
Item no: 49782 Price: €22.45

Yet more finery is supplied for ICM’s Ju 88A-4 in this PE brass and metal package, with the latter supplying pre-painted cockpit consoles, instrument panels and separate dials and radio faces. For those modellers who find painting cockpit details a challenge, these are ideal as, while not self-adhesive, all one must do is remove the styrene detail and then glue the PE components in their place. The brass fret is equally impressive, affording modellers extra refinement for the defensive guns (butt slings, sights, ammunition boxes and feeds) and canopy (handles and framing), plus a host of extra internal fittings (including rudder pedals, stowage mounts, oxygen bottle holders and pipework clasps).

Ju 88A-4 Seatbelts STEEL
Scale: 1/48
Item no: 49783 Price: €7.45

These pre-painted photo-etched steel seatbelts, with integral buckles and clasps, should enliven any Ju 88 cockpit, although they are sized to fit ICM’s recent offering. There are sufficient straps for a single aircraft, and these cater for the pilot, bombardier/gunner, radio operator/rear-gunner and navigator/ventral gunner positions, right down to the latter’s foldaway seat and ventral gondola harness. Thanks to the clever design, minimal assembly is required, just the pads for the lap straps, and modellers can then bend/twist the belts as desired once one end has been secured to the seat.

P-40B Seatbelts STEEL
Scale: 1/48
Item no: 49787 Price: €5.95

While the cockpit on Airfix’s 1/48 P-40B is crammed with detail, one omission is the pilot’s harness on the seat. Eduard’s simple photo-etched steel product rectifies this with just seven parts, six of which are concerned with the lap straps (including miniscule latch levers), and assembly is a case of securing one end of a belt to the seat sides or back and then draping it over the backrest/pan. A great value and effective addition to any P-40.

Bf 109G-6 Wheels
Scale: 1/48
Item no: 648149 Price: €5.95

Designed to complement the already excellent styrene parts in Eduard’s quarter-scale Bf 109G-6, these gorgeous resin items comprise two mainwheels with ribbed tread and self-adhesive masks. The cast detail is exquisite, and incorporates such features as manufacturer logos on the sidewalls and the milled centre hub section. For those seeking maximum refinement on their Gustavs, these drop-in replacements are ideal.

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