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Eduard 11114 Mersu Bf 109G in Finland Limited Edition Dual Combo


Fans of Nordic aviation ― especially during World War Two ― will love Eduard’s new 1/48 ‘Mersu’ dual-kit package.

It offers two complete sets of runners for the company’s lauded Bf 109G-6, along with photo-etched metal details for each, tape masks and a stunning main decal sheet (there’s also a small collection of stencils for two aircraft) representing Finnish Air Force machines. Anyone who’s had experience of these ‘Gustav’ kits, since the errors on the previous tooling were fixed, will know the quality. While Tamiya’s new 1/48 G-6 is a splendid item, with its own clever nuances and features, Eduard’s offers real versatility in terms of sub-types and their individual features.

Here, one can build the G-2 and G-6, and there are markings for ten different aircraft in total, employed during and after the war. They include the very attractive G-6 air racer from 1950, bedecked in blue and white fuselage chequers and a stylised ‘B’ motif. The camouflage varies too, between standard Luftwaffe-style mottle and splinter, and more indigenous tones and patterns.

Eduard’s pre-coloured PE includes instrument panel parts, seat straps, rudder pedals, radiator grilles and other items…and there are two of these frets.


The colour schemes for these aircraft, all being based in Finland, are:

G-2, MT-219/Red 9, Lentomestari (Warrant Officer) Yrjö Turkka, 1/LeLv 34, Uttti, June 1943

G-2, MT-222/Yellow 2, Lentomestari Ilmari Juutilainen, 1/LeLv 34, Malmi, May 1943

G-2, MT-225/Yellow 5, Luutnantti (Lieutenant) Lauri Nissinen, 1/HLeLv 24, Suulajärvi, Finland, April 1944

G-2, MT-230/Yellow 3, Kapteeni (Captain) Jaakko Puolakkainen, 2/HLeLv 28, Vartsila, Finland, August 1944

G-6, MT-423/White 3, Ylikersantti (Staff Sergeant) Hemmo Leino, 1/HLeLv 34, Kymi, June 1944

G-6, MT-437/Yellow 9, Ylikersantti Leo Ahokas, 3/HLeLv 24, Lappeenranta, June 1944

G-6, MT-449/Yellow 9, Luutnantti Olavi Puro, 2/HLeLv 24, Lappeenranta, June 1944

G-6, MT-477/Yellow 7, Luutnantti Mikko Pasila, 1/HLeLv 24, Utti, September 1944

G-6, MT-477/Yellow 2, HLeLv 31, summer 1948

G-6, MT-508/Yellow 5, Luutnantti Arvo Arima, HLeLv 31, Air Race, Utti, June 1950

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