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Ark Models 48099 T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank


Ark Models has stunned the armour modelling world with its all-new 1/48 resin T-14 Armata, and and a news story is in the latest issue of Airfix Model World (July cover date). Here is additional imagery of this limited-edition package:

The upper and lower hulls are stunning examples of casting, incorpoating very fine grille mesh on the engine deck and even providing vision blocks over the crew compartment.

Similar quality is displayed by the anti-rocket-propelled-grenade bar armour (right), while the main gun barrel has a thermal sleeve clasp running its entire length. The turret bustle (upper left) features integrally cast grab handles, hinges and spare links on the rear face.

One advantage of resin over styrene is the ability to cast much finer detail into a single piece, typified by the countermeasures dispenser on the upper right turret corner. This basic unit comprises just two parts, with 13 extra components adding a remote weapon station, targeting optics, additional elements of the Afghanit active-protection system and comms antennas. The lower turret half (left) provides cylinders representing the tank’s hard-kill anti-missile launchers.

The link-and-length tracks are incredibly refined, with crisp detail on the inner and outer faces, and segments designed to wrap around the drive and idler wheels (top left and right). Several parts are very delicate, such as the light guards (bottom left).

More information on this and other Ark Models’ releases is at:

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