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ICM 32101 German Luftwaffe Pilots (1939-1945)


Modellers can always rely on ICM for neat additions, and its three-figure set of 1/32 German Luftwaffe Pilots (32101) is typical.

This is a newly tooled offering, and all aircrew are depicted standing in typical flying gear, and the poses are such they would be equally suited in a grouping or as singletons. There’s just a single runner, but the parts are moulded beautifully, with crisp detail on the jackets, such as zips and clasps, while the facial expressions are well rendered for styrene. They all wear different clothing combinations, with two in standard Luftwaffe breeches, while the third is dressed in coveralls…based on reference photos they appear to be fighter pilots.

Two are ready for combat, as they sport Schwimmvestes (life jackets) and have holstered pistols at their belt, but the remaining figure appears to have just a fur-lined fliegerbluse (flying jacket). Different ranks are featured, namely a Major, Hauptmann (Captain) and Leutnant (Second Lieutenant), although the sole indication of rank (other than insignia) appears to be the Major’s privately acquired leather jacket and Wehrmacht-style jackboots (the other two are in standard issue footware). These would be ideal additions to any 1/32 Luftwaffe fighter vignette and more information on these or other ICM releases is at:

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