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Master Box B24034 Keep moving, nothing to see here. Everything is under control


Recently, Master Box appears to have cornered the market for unusual titles, but when the contents are examined, all becomes clear, as the two figures are of a security chief and an alien barman.

This is the third in the firm’s ‘Strange Company’s Space Adventures’ series, of which two, ‘Wow I like it’ and ‘Don’t even think about it’, were reviewed in May 2018’s issue of Airfix Model World. As with previous offerings, each figure has its own styrene runner, and there’s a separate bar section and stool on which to pose them.

The parts’ quality is outstanding, especially the heads, with the facial expressions recapturing the characterful features Master Box is usually renowned for, notably the alien barman, Joker, which wears a calculating grin as it pours itself a drink. Mould seams are minimal and should be easy to remove, while the poses are realistic, with the lawman, Drag, leaning against the bar and Joker perched nearby. Thoughtful parts design enables Drag’s open jacket to be displayed convincingly, although modellers may wish to narrow the edges slightly. Most of this package is conventional (even the barman’s four arms), but there’s a definite air of fun with the jet/rocket pack, which is almost as big as Joker, yet the straps are configured plausibly, hinting at more weight on one side as the character twists to talk to Drag.

Cleverly, Master Box includes a combined biography/storyline with each character, and as this is merely Chapter 1 of Strange Company’s Space Adventures, there’s plenty to come. More on this and other Master Box products can be found via its UK importer Creative Models or the firm’s own website:




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