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Star Decals’ Balkans Armour Bonanza


Modellers building 1/35 Bosnian-Muslim (Bosniak/ARBiH) and Bosnian-Croat (HVO) subjects from the 1992-95 conflict in the Former Yugoslavia should consider Star Decals’ products.

The well-printed markings have matt carrier film, so the model must be gloss varnished prior to decaling to minimise silvering, otherwise the register and clarity is excellent. As always, the research behind the subjects (including several unusual conversions) is thorough, with comments to indicate alternatives and where photographic evidence for one or more sides of a vehicle is lacking, and nuggets such as how the turret number reveals a tank’s origin. There are two sets each for ARBiH and HVO machines, as follows:

35-C1123 ARBiH Bosniak (Mulsim) Tank Markings

T-55A, 0417, Bihac, June 1992
T-55A, 505. Buzimska, Vitez
T-55A, ‘Sultan Gradačac’
T-55A, 370 ‘Ajvaz Dedo’, Donji Vakuf, September 1995
T-55A, possible 5. Korpus

35-C1124 ARBiH Bosniak (Mulsim) Tank Markings

M-84 (early), ‘Garavi Zeko’
M-84, ‘Sultan’
M47 Patton, 2211101, 111. Brigada
T-55 Hellcat, 108. Motorizovana Brigada, Brcko
T-34/85, 006/TO BiH
T-34/85, ‘Arnaut S’, Mount Vlasic, 1994
M18 Hellcat, 7. Brigaga Sijad Alic

35-C1125 HVO Bosnia-Croatian Tank Markings

T-55A, 219, 1. Gardijska Brigada, Busici
T-55A, 151, 1. Gardijska Brigada, Busici
T-55A, 211, 1. Gardijska Brigada, Busici
T-55A, 214, 1. Gardijska Brigada, Busici
T-55A, 239/20854 ‘Tvigi’, Grigada Rama
T-55A, Brigada Vitez, 1993
T-55A, ‘Višnjica’, Mostar, 1993
T-55A, 2. Gardijska Brigada, Glamoc, 1995
T-55A, ‘Micika/Alai Fac/Vatim Ja Te’, Brigada Kraj Tomislav, Tomislavgrad, spring 1993

35-C1126 HVO Bosnia-Croatian Tank Markings

M-84, 101, road to Golia Sjecanj, 1995
BRDM-2, ‘James Dean/Dzems Din’, Brigada Rama, November 1993
M53/70 Praga, 103. Brigada
2S1 Gvozdkia, 204, February 1996
OT M-60P, captured by ARBiH near Jablanica
VW T3 Ambulance, HVO-503-U

At just US $8 each these are great value, and indispensable for modellers replicating vehicles from the 1990s Balkans Conflict, and are suitable for any 1/35 T-55A, M-84 (Yugoslavian T-72), M47 Patton, T-34/85, M18 Hellcat, BRDM-2, M53/70, 2S1 or VW T3. Three sets depicting Bosnian-Serb subjects (35-C1140, 1141 and 1142) are due for release imminently. Visit: for more information.

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